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We are advocacy experts who are a part of the Disability Rights Movement with over 10 years of experience in guiding our clients on the impacts of their services on the disabled community in California.

We can train and guide you through the entire legislative process.

J. Gould Consulting is here to help your agency gain its voice in the intellectual and developmental disability community by interacting with your legislative representatives of California by utilizing the grass roots lobbying process. This process includes several levels of engagement from basic letter writing to formal strategizing. Your agency determines how far into this process you want to go. We guide through all levels of this process. Become the leader in your industry in a model for others to follow.

Disability advocacy experts in California.

Jessica Gould

BA - Applied Behavioral Science


Since 2019, J Gould Consulting has been guiding the developmental service industry through the legislative process connecting organizations with key players to have their voices heard. She was a board member of the regional center, and assisted individuals with developmental disabilities. Her work has involved governmental agencies that served the same population and were all based on gratuity. The entire system is underfunded between the state and federal governments. Rather than just serving the community, she wanted to impact change through grassroots lobbying so that she could become part of the process and have a positive impact.

Disability Rights movement

We are advocacy experts with over 10 years of experience of guiding our clients on the impacts of their services on the disabled community in California.

Mission Statement

J Gould Consulting aims to make the legislative process as tangible and understandable as possible for professionals working in the disability community of California. Providing expert guidance through the complicated systems that impact the disability community on a legislative platform. This is achieved through tailored services based on client concern and genuine conversation.
The legislative process complex,
however it is accessible.

Advocacy Resource Library

As a consultant our goal is to provide our clients with the best guidance possible. The concept of California legislature can get quite complicated so for in depth investigation on how legislation impacts the disability community please enjoy the resource library courtesy of J Gould Consulting

We believe in creating a lasting and meaningful change.

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Having a disability isn't the end, start your journey with us today.

I understand the obstacles people with disabilities face. I live it every day. But I am also determined to make sure others don’t face it alone. I work with agencies to make sure our community not alone has a voice, but a chance to make a difference in the workforce. We believe in pushing beyond our limitations and creating opportunities for generations to come.

Jessica Gould

Owner & Operator

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