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We offer a 7-hour program that is broken down into three modules. You will learn everything from the basic grass roots legislative interactions to getting to the point of meeting the legislative representatives and discussing your organization’s needs. In the third module you will be ready to collaborate with the legislative representatives to take that legislation based on your needs and working with them to get the desired outcome.

3 Modules (You can participate in one or all of these modules)

Introduction (1.5 hours): Learning the basic necessities of grass root lobbying

Intermediate (2.5 hours): Congratulations you have completed step 1, now lets get into that representatives office.

Advanced (3 hours): Your organization is now ready to be the collaborators and partners within the creation of this legislation.

Legislative Guidance

Do you have the time and dedicated staff to move forward in the process? If not, we are there for you. Based on an organization’s needs and ability to be actively involved in the process will determine how much guidance you require from us.

Legislative Tracking

We will track any and all legislation that is of interest to your organization following it through the entire legislative process and providing you with updates.

Service System Guide

Guiding and training individuals and state agencies on the complexities of the disability system. Training is broken down into subsections of social need.     

For example (but not limited to):  housing, employment and Regional Center Systems.

DDS/Service Providers Training

Do you work in the disability service system but are confused about the purpose of DDS? This training is for you. In this approximately 1.5-hour training course you will learn about their technical requirements and considerations when dealing with the developmental and intellectual disability community.
Get an inside look into what must be considered when DDS is brought in to help resolve blockades that the population is facing such as funding for housing, funding for employment, agency operations, and emergency placement.


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While being on the board of a regional center, an agency approached me to bring legislation to the service providers and talk to them about the current legislation going on in the state that impacted them. That’s when I decided to get my consulting license and develop my own program to help those with disabilities thrive in the workforce.

Grassroots lobbying California

"Working together as one voice, we are stronger"

Our services are aimed at the disability world of California specifically intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals. Helping create change through knowledge. This makes it the Best Disabled Individuals Legal and Consulting Services in California.

Specifically, our consulting services act as a guide for agencies and organizations that service the disability community in California. Concentrating on the political aspects that impact the budgetary process. Our services are tailored to the client and this is done through independent conversations via zoom or a meeting to gain an idea of the concerns of the agency. Then a taylor made contract is created outlining what services fit the needs of the client.