Our Origin Story

We opened our doors in 2019. When we realized that there was a desperate need for an agency that could act as a liaison between the disability community and the legislative process. We realized that the disability community didn’t have an equal voice in the process and this needed to change.

Organizations needed to learn how systems work democratically. We got approached by organization asking to train their employees and that’s how we got our start.

From there, our company just grew. Over the last five years, we have trained multiple organizations and provided countless articles discussing the various techniques on how to engage with the legislative process.

We have also provided multiple Training to organizations on how to engage with the legislative process. Along with walking organizations through the legislative process. Helping them gain the financial foothold that they’ve been after for several years. Our ultimate goal is to give the disability community the complete voice that they have lacked. Training as many organizations as possible. Showing organizations that there is a way to get your voice out to the legislative process.