How to handle this holiday season with the election this month?

With the elections this month. People entering grassroots lobbying may wonder, how do you go about introducing yourself to legislators and all the activities that are required to build a relationship and get things through the system? This is a very reasonable question. With a simple answer Get to know the staffers of the legislative offices. Assembly terms out every two years. Senate every four but the staff stick around the offices for quite a while. They will also advertise any events on the district website for example, District 46 Address is this website is the domain for Assemblyperson Nazarian. However. It is an important to note that when he terms out In December the individual who is elected to that spot will take over this domain. The same premise applies to Senate address Robert Hertzberg covers District 18, Again, These people may change, but the districts are there coverage area. It is the same premise for all open seats in assembly and Senate. To figure out your representative Please go to: Why are we going into this extreme detail, you may ask? It’s because when it comes to events. The district website is where it will be posted. Along with spread throughout social media. So even with the election the opportunity for engagement still exists. So get out there, get active, and contact us today if you get stuck. Together, we can make the change that is desperately needed in the disability community!


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