It’s A New year: Do You Know Your Organizations Legislative Approach?

Now that the last bottles of wine have been drunk parties are done with and the end of the year festivities are complete. Does your organization have a plan for engaging with the Legislature this year? Do you even know where to begin? If not Take the following steps to engage with the legislature from the beginning. Don’t wait another second!

The first step is to look up the California Preemptive Projected Budget. Although this is not the budget signed by the governor. It will give your organization an idea Of the projected shortfalls within your industry. We must emphasize at this point That even if that seems to be a deficit, which it does for the year 2024. This does not mean do not engage with the legislature. It simply means to look over your projected ask or financial goals that would normally go through the legislative process and be a little bit more frugal. What financial aspects are necessary? What can be thinned out? This only applies if you plan to ask the legislature for money This budgetary season. If you don’t plan to ask them for money and want their support in the concept or action, but have the financial means, then this will not be a barrier for your organization.

Once you have an idea of where your organization is financially when it comes to the budget. The next step is to start engaging with the Legislature. If you already have contacts in legislative offices, set up meetings now. If not, start going to public events where engagement becomes possible. Refer to our previous articles on how to do these steps. The most important thing, no matter what your budgetary ask is or whatever the goal is for engaging with the legislature of California the key Is to keep an open mind. Be firm on what matters and do not stray away completely from your initial plan, but be able to adjust if needed. To fit feedback with accordance to what you get from the legislative representatives.

No, why Your goal is whether it is financial or Regulatory And regardless of the negative or positive projections of the California State budget, it is important to always be building those legislative relationships. Get to know the offices. There are many new legislative representatives in the state of California. Due to term limits and other factors. So, work on what your organization needs from the legislature. Figuring out every single aspect of What you are looking to change with the caveat in mind that it may not happen this year. However, being at the top of their mind Is the key to success and being able to pivot your ideas, concepts, and outcomes accordingly to the feedback and realities of the fiscal or regulatory situation. Go get out there, get active, and stay engaged!