How’s Your Organization Doing In the Race to the May Revise?

The year is flying by. Faster than anyone could ever imagine. Do you know where your organization is in the legislative process as of today? The May revise is less than two months away. On May 15th, 2024. How many politicians has your organization engaged With. Are you in the first stage of relationship building? Do you have their interest in the concept that they’d interest your organization? What’s your timeline? Do you need this action done this your year, next year, or the year after?

All these things are important to consider when utilizing the political process. To change regulations within any state. It’s important to know the formula.

Step one: Build the relationship. Attend events of your local politicians on Assembly and Senate sides.

Step 2. Schedule those introductory meetings with as many politicians as possible. Remember, in order to get an action through the state, it must be 2/3.\Approval from both houses.

Step 3. Continue building that relationship and continue the meetings. With as many politicians as possible.

We are facing a lean budget year. However that does not mean your organization has to suffer as a result. It’s snowing where to compromise. What you can get done and what you need to hold back on for the year where the state is lean. Get out there. Get active. And let us know your company’s success rate. We are stronger when we work as a whole group. So, let’s work together to give the disability community the voice it deserves.