Getting Ahead of the May Revise Does Your Organization Know What To Do?

As we inch closer to the May revise of California Does your organization know what to do? Have you been engaging with the legislative representatives in your area and across the state? Have you given your organization a chance to gain their voice in this political process? If your answer is no, we highly suggest you start moving. The phrase the early bird gets the worm is actually true, especially when it comes to politics. There is only a small finite amount of votes Each representative has to go out throughout the year. If you don’t want your organization to miss out, the key is to engage. All year long, you’ve been in breaks. This means meeting with legislative representatives. Considering your adversaries and opponents and your political aspirations. Carefully considering any modifications that may need to be done and pounding that pavement, speaking to as many representatives as your organization possibly can. It is a lot of work and takes quite a bit of dedication. However, J Gould Consulting highly recommends any organization that wants a voice in the political process utilizing grassroots lobbying to continuously utilize it and stay on the top of your mind mentality that we always talk about. Attendance of many events as possible hosted by your legislative representatives, not just those in your local area, but across the state. Part of the political process is engaging with public individuals, and it is highly encouraged amongst politicians to do so in order to keep their vote. As a result, we recommend that any organization who represents an underserved population, such as the disability community, engages with these politicians on a regular basis. This will give your organization a leg up in the political process when you need it most. They will also become more aware of the situations facing the community. To find your representative, simply go to This will make it so you can type in your company’s address to figure out which representatives are in your area. If you already have this growing relationship, you are ahead of the game. In that case, your job is to keep the legislative representatives. Meeting with them as frequently as possible to make sure that the issue that you are seeking isn’t being bogged down by others equally shouting as loud. We always recommend being polite, cordial and respectful When engaging with any political office and the staff members, regardless of their ranking. This will provide your organization with a positive outlook in the eyes of the politicians and show that you’re not just they’re hounding for money. You are truly seeking to build that relationship. The last tidbit of information we would like you to consider is always open to being flexible. Sometimes politicians have Reservations due to political climate beyond their control, so be ready to negotiate Whenever possible. Get out there, engage stay active. Let’s bring the disability community to the forefront of the political arena.