How To Engage with the Legislature During an Active Summer Season?

 We hope everyone has been engaged with the legislature of California throughout the summer. If you have found that your organization is having a bit of an issue scheduling those initial meetings. A very good reason this year has been very busy for the legislature and its representatives in California, they have been working throughout the summer to make sure the budget Is balanced out and represented in all areas.

All this being said, the question arises, how do you engage the legislature when they’re in the middle of work that must be done? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple public engagement becomes even more important when they’re extremely busy because They have finite amount of time to engage with the public in a year like this year, things have been so busy. As bold. Organizations need to think about how they’re engaging? Their approach must be much more strategic. Here are some of you in front of that legislative representative, even in a busy season.

Have a clear idea of what the organization wants to do. Consider the following questions when formulating the ask or approach that will be going to the legislature:

  1. How much will this cost?
  2. Who is it impacting?
  3. How long will state funding be required to get this done?

These are three questions that should always be considered, but when working in a budget year where the legislature doesn’t get a break, often having these answers in advance will help your organization gain a leg up in the game. If you still find your organization struggling with public engagement with the legislature or even getting your ideas from concept to paper. We encourage you to contact our organization for our training. Get out there, get active, and engage.