California’s May Revise Is One Week Away Where Does Your Organization Stand?

What approach did your organization take to the annual budget process of California? With the May revise one week away. This is something that you are organization should already be thinking about, if not have in place. How many politicians did your organization engage with in an informal setting? Does your company feel ready For the May revise announcement and the final budget for California annually that will be announced next week? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are paired for the unpredictable process that is the California budget. If your answer is no, advise you read on in this article.

In general, California announces their around or on May 15th by the governor at this time is the final budget for the whole entire fiscal year. It is an extremely complex process that We have discussed in the past when it comes to California’s budget. However, a brief reminder is that you need to know what category your organization falls under. In a larger sense, are you housing? Construction and development, etcetera. If you’re one of those organizations going for a longer-term plan over a several year. It is important to still be engaged even with the May revise occurring in California. Eventually your issue will be considered in that final budgetary process, whether it is one year down the line or three years down the line Possibly even further, depending on how your organization decides to handle their financial ask. The main takeaway that any organization should have from this article is that the revised acts the set point before the budget, no matter what year it is. So, keep on engaging and contact J Gould Consulting if you have any questions on how to get your organizations issues out there.