How To Stay Engaged With The Legislature During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season comes upon us with Thanksgiving and then there’s several holidays in December J Gould Consulting would like to give a couple of tips on how to remain engaged with the legislature even during this bustling time of year.

  1. If your organization has not done this already look up your legislative representatives (visit our YouTube channel on instructions how to do that watch the video entitled “how to engage your legislators in California during the offseason”
  2. Typically, there is an event section on each legislative representative’s page
  3. go to that section at least once a week from now Until the end of December to figure out what they’re hosting and when.
  4. Intermingle with them have good conversation and good food typically state representatives are Identified by the emblem on the shirt typically any representative from the state office will have a California emblem on the shirt colors may vary.
  5. We recommend you do not hunt out these emblems simply just have conversations and just like in anything if the conversation is something you want to continue beyond that evening ask for contact information.
  6. Oftentimes there will be a table with the assemblyman or senators name on it this is usually just a meeting greet table where they pass out basic information
  7. Finally, simply enjoy yourself the whole point of these holiday events for the assembly and Senate is to get to know their constituents in a relaxed setting

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