May revise for California to be announced tomorrow May 12th at 10:00 AM

Governor Newsom is going to announce the May revise, which is the final budget for the year 2023, tomorrow at 10:00 AM. If you are an organization impacted by social community-based actions of the state. The May Revise may be of interest to your organization. It is what lobbying is truly all about. It’s building up to the May revise. If you’re wondering how successful, your efforts have been. Tomorrow will answer that very question. Please find the a link to an article by the governor. Outlining where the May Revise can be watched and seen. fallow the link blow:

Subject of note It is broken down into subsections, so you have to know where your organization falls. Is it developmental services, Health? General maintenance Etc.

If you need a semi analysis of the meaning of the budget. You can visit. The Legislative Analyst Office or. Go to our YouTube channel where we will be discussing specifically the Section of the budget that impacts developmental disabilities. Links to both of these areas can be found below. The Legislative Analyst Office, the analysis won’t be out for another three weeks.

Legislative Analyst Office. California.

J Gould Consulting YouTube channel:

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