Meeting Of The Minds Roundtable Think Tank Huge Success

J Gould Consulting made history on Thursday with our roundtable think tank all the major players from the disability field. reshaping the future is our goal, to make it stronger this is the beginning of the journey. We highly encourage you to watch our video on YouTube. we also encourage anyone in the disability field of California specifically intellectual and developmental disabilities to contact us for guidance. You can become a part of this movement. Become the next leader of tomorrow thank you to all those who have participated in Thursday’s think tank. A special thanks to Adrian Nazarian’s office for sending Liz Fuller in such short notice she was great. Also a special thanks to Raj Dhillon former field representative for Robert Hertzberg. These two individuals did a fantastic job filling in the political perspective of the discussion. For anyone that wants to watch it is available on our YouTube channel subscribe today and request new topics to be covered.

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