Key Elements to Staying Engaged During the Holiday Season

As we gear up for the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving in a couple of days. The importance of politics can sometimes slip the mind. However, as we preach every year. If you want your organization to be on top, the key is to stay engaged. Look up whether your senator or Assembly Person is hosting any public events, a toy drive, food can drive, anything to do with the holiday season. Attend those events and make your organization known. Since the bills have been finalized, the Senate and Assembly are now thinking about their steps for next year. Your organization needs to be at the top of their list. Do you have those key connections? Are there staff or you know in the office? Multiple is always helpful. Even if you were to get that meeting. Does your organization know how to go about facilitating conversation? These are all opportunities during the holiday season. In between the turkeys. The presents and the Candy and holiday music. Make sure your organization takes the time to attend any holiday event hosted by the legislative representatives of your area. Enjoy the event, introduce yourself, at their booth or whatever they have set up. Then simply enjoy the event They have hosted.

If you already have a established relationship With any legislative office, this is also an opportunity to get your ideas in front of them before everybody else. We have mentioned Listen previous articles, but Legislative representatives only have a limited number of votes they can put to any single issue. So, take advantage of the relationships you already have. Get your issues in front of them now. Come the new year, their office will become flooded with requests and due to the limited number of votes. The early bird gets the worm. So, as always, get out there. Get engaged. and have those conversations. Your organization has from now to the end of the year. Come January 1st, they will already have their financial budgets in mind and getting new issues in will become harder. As always, we are here to assist your organization contact us if guidance is necessary.

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