Summer engagement: Why is it so important?

As fans of our website and content we’re sure you’ve noticed a trend that we talk a lot about engaging during the summer and during breaks in general. Your organization may be thinking, why is this so important? Well, we’ll tell you. During the busy legislative season, thousands of bills come across the desks of senators and assemblypersons. The bottom line is they can’t say yes to all of them. They have a finite amount of bills that they can approve.

What makes those bills so intriguing in part is the engagements the legislative bodies have with the public. For example, a bill with the topic regarding the developmental disability community, may come across their desk and they think back about a public event where there was someone from that population and how important that issue was.

As a result, they will be inclined to support or sponsor the bill, which is the first step in the political process as it ties to grassroots lobbying. With that in mind, we would like to share a newsletter from our local Senator. If you find this piece intriguing, follow our simple steps online on how to start engaging and get your organization looped into your assembly person and senators’ Newsletters.

Sample of public event from a newsletter of a Senator:

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